3 Brilliant Uses for Flowers Claypots

Clay pots have come a long way and creative DIYers are using them for everything, from garden lighting to holding jewellery. Their simple, neutral backdrop makes them perfect for insanely clever designs and uses.

Here are 3 innovative ways you can utilise your boring, old flower clay pots:

1. Clay Pot Grill

Want to grill some juicy burgers and have no grill? Fret not as you can use a clay pot as a homemade charcoal grill. Simply cover half of the inner walls with foil. Dump coal. Light it and wait ten minutes. Then place a wire grill that fits snugly inside the pot, over the coal. Place your steaks and burgers and grill away!

2. Clay Pot Cutlery Holders

Grab some small sized clay pots and spray paint them in bright, funky shades and let them hold all your silverware and cutlery. There make for gorgeous holders and decoration in a BBQ party or a backyard party.

3. Clay Pot Garden Mushrooms

Make beautiful garden mushrooms with claypots and give your garden a burst of color. Grab some terra cotta pots. Paint them white. Then paint a different color on the underside of each terra cotta drain plate. With a round sponge dipped in white acrylic paint, make big, white polka dots on each plate. Place the plate on the pot and put the pots strategically in your garden for a lovely look.